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Our clients come from all fitness levels and experiences. They consist of executive professionals, new or expecting mothers, amateur and professional athletes, and the weekend warriors that value high performance and vitality over gimmicks. Each of our clients receive a full comprehensive fitness evaluation where we gather objective and subjective information regarding your physical and medical history. Many of our clients come to us with past injuries or current imbalances which programmed for and overcome before moving on. We progress out clients programs every 3-4 weeks once they have shown proper adaptation and are ready for new stimulus. We pride ourselves on developing a very personal, coaching relationship with our clients that allows us to address diet and lifestyle changes to your preference. We give our clients options to take before and after pictures for them to judge progress, submit 3-day food logs to discuss, and provide “at home” written programs that complement our in person training program. Each client receives continuous communication with their coach along the way so that they are supported consistently throughout the process. Never feel alone or lost with The Strength Studio!

We offer personal, 1 on 1 training. Or Partner training with tandems of similar fitness levels


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